The former Arkansas governor responds to the ‘Lavender’ controversy.

Mike Huckabee, a former Republican presidential nominee hopeful, has rushed to the defense of Donald Trump from big bad bully Bow Wow, who tweeted some obscenities about the President after Trump’s own dust-up with Snoop Dogg.

For those who missed it, earlier this week Snoop Dogg released a video with Kaytranada and BadBadNotGood that parodied Snoop assassinating President Trump. Since he doesn’t have anything better to do, Trump took to Twitter to call out Snoop Dogg for the video.

Rappers fired back at Trump, like Bow Wow (who, no, is not Snoop’s nephew) and T.I., who called Trump a “diarrhea face ass man”. It looks like the GOP rolls deep, though, because Mike Huckabee has now come to Trump’s defense.

I don’t know why Trump or Huckabee think this is worth either of the their time, but goodness, it’s all worth it for the elementary school playground brilliance of “Poop Dogg”. Poop Dogg! POOP DOGG. Poop. Dogg. Poop and diarrhea. What’s next? Seriously, I don’t know because you can’t even make this stuff up.

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