Made in partnership with the director’s meditation foundation.

David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan both appear in A New Sunrise Over Sunset, a short film advertising the new James West Hollywood hotel.

The hotel recently partnered with Dazed Media and The David Lynch Foundation, a non-profit that promotes transcendental meditation. Lynch appears in pre-recorded videos discussing his love of Los Angeles, while Kyle MacLachlan appears in a voiceover.

As Pitchfork points out, the video also includes appearances from artist Cali DeWitt (who designed much of Kanye West’s Life Of Pablo merchandise), singer/songwriter/producer James Fauntleroy, visual artist Brendan Fowler (aka BARR) and vocalist Nia Andrews.

Yes, it’s an ad. But ads are often an overlooked place for some of Lynch’s most entertaining moments as anyone who has witnessed the Japanese Twin Peaks Georgia Coffee commercials will attest.



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