The video platform releases another statement.

Following controversy over the discovery that LGBTQ+ content is filtered out when YouTube’s Restricted Mode is engaged, the video platform has now announced a change to policies regarding 18+ material.

The shift is being made after a number of YouTube users and other public figures called YouTube out for considering non-explicit clips containing to LGBTQ+ themes to be “mature content”.

“Over the last several months, and most definitely over the last few days from LGBTQ and other communities, we’ve gotten lots of questions around what Restricted Mode is and how it works,” YouTube VP of Product Management, Johanna Wright wrote on the site’s Creators Blog.

“We designed this feature to broadly restrict content across more mature topics, whether these are videos that contain profanity, those that depict images or descriptions of violence, or discussion of certain diseases like addictions and eating disorders,” she continues. “Today, about 1.5 percent of YouTube’s daily views come from people who have Restricted Mode turned on. But we know this isn’t about numbers; it’s about the principle of anyone having access to important content and different points of view.”

Wright also acknowledged that many of the videos that were unnecessarily blocked in Restricted Mode have been manually approved for general viewing and that YouTube will be working harder to better train its systems to avoid inaccuracies in the future.

Read the full statement here.



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