The pop star gives a tongue in cheek twist to the iconic scene.

The shower scene in Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho is one of the most famous and imitated moments in cinema history, so it seems only natural that Rihanna has given an irreverent spin on it in TV prequel Bates Motel.

The popstar plays the role of the original’s doomed protagonist Marion Crane in the current and fifth season of the show. The small screen adaption depicts the lives of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events of the film but in a contemporary setting.

The latest episode sees Rihanna recreating the iconic shower scene, only things play out a little differently this time round – spoilers ahead.

The camera gradually zooms in on the shower curtain (queue *strings*) but just before we reach Rihanna she pulls back the curtain and shouts “screw this shit”, before walking off – probably to the screams of some film buff somewhere. Watch the full clip below.

Speaking of the decision, the showrunner Cartlon Cuse (best known for TV series Lost) told the Hollywood Reporter: “Had we not done a shower scene, people would have been really pissed. It’s a little bit like if you go to see The Knack and they don’t play ‘My Sharona’. I know that’s a weird example. We felt like we had to do it, but we were also determined we were not going to make it be the same thing that was in the movie.”

Last week, Rihanna live-streamed herself cringing and playing a drinking game while watching back her scenes, see the video below.



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