Too similar to be a coincidence, surely?

A Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner that appears to suggest police brutality can be solved with a refreshing can of brown sugar water sparked outrage last night. The ad, arriving hot on the heels of months of anti-Trump rallies and Black Lives Matter protests, sees the (privileged, white) celebrity act as peacemaker between police and civil rights activists by handing an officer a Pepsi. Then the whole crowd cheers. Yes, really.

Anyways, the video, hideous though it is, isn’t wholly original. As writer Dorian Lynksey points out, it actually bares striking similarity to a 1999 video by the Chemical Brothers for Surrender album single ‘Out Of Control’, in which now Marvel actress Rosario Dawson and an actor named Michael Brown stand off against police forces, only for the camera to pan out and reveal, actually, this is a cola commercial, ‘cos activism sells as much as sex does I guess.

See what we mean? FACT has reached out to director WIZ and the Chemical Brothers for comment, in case they happen to know what the hell is going on with this boneheaded ad.

Shouts to Pepsi, a company the world assumed could never make a worse video than the one that accidentally set Michael Jackson’s hair on fire, leading to the dependency on powerful painkillers that ultimately had a hand in his death. How wrong we were, eh?



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