The Neptune is 43 today.

Today is Pharrell Williams’ birthday. Or at least technically it’s his birthday – the internet has long held a theory that the N.E.R.D icon is some kind of immortal time wizard impervious to the ravages of ageing so maybe the dude doesn’t register birthdays at all. Maybe to Pharrell, today’s just another day. No minion cake and candles. No swapping the ludicrous mountain ranger hat he’s been wearing since ‘Happy’ for a party hat. Nope, just another day.

That doesn’t stop us celebrating though, of course. In 2015, we put together a list of his 50 finest tracks so far, spanning everything from beats for Britney to his own illustrious tracks and collaborations. Now that list is available in playlist form – check it out below on Spotify and Apple Music formats, and scroll further for a classic clip of Chad Hugo talking about how the Neptunes did their thing. Happy birthday, Skateboard P.

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