The Adam and Joe Show‘s Buxton goes head to head with the ambient music pioneer.

For those of you that might not have heard of Adam Buxton, the British comedian has been quietly doing his own thing since the mid-1990s, when his irreverent chat show The Adam and Joe Show was about the best thing on television. (Admittedly, there were only four channels back then.)

Today, Buxton has uploaded the latest in his series of actually-very-good podcasts, and this time it’s an interview with none other than pioneering producer, musician and polymath Brian Eno.

Comedy nerds might remember that it’s not the first time Buxton has used Eno in his output – he famously made a hilarious animated short about the making of David Bowie’s ‘Warszawa’, which was Eno co-wrote.

You can listen to the “rambly” two hour conversation below.



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