One of industrial music’s unsung heroes returns.

After years playing with industrial greats Psychic TV and Coil, Drew McDowall is carving out a unique solo career. Now he’s announced his second album, Unnatural Channel, will be out next month on Dais Records.

The follow-up to 2015’s solo debut Collapse finds McDowall focusing in on a sound he’s brought to many classic industrial albums. On the new single, the second half of the two-part title track, he dives into the sort of lurching, uneasy electronics you can hear stretching from classic industrial albums up to contemporary artists like Pharmakon.

Though Unnatural Channel is primarily a solo effort, it offers one collaboration in the closer ‘Unshielded’ which features vocals by Roxy Farman of Brooklyn techno duo Wetware.

The album is available May 27 in black and limited color editions via Dais. Take a look at the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Tell Me The Name’
02. ‘Habitat’
03. ‘This Is What It’s Like’
04. ‘Unnatural Channel (Part 1)’
05. ‘Unnatural Channel (Part 2)’
06. ‘Recognition’
07. ‘Unshielded’



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