“They just talked about it.”

Timbaland might beat battle Pharrell according to Just Blaze’s Twitter feed, XXL reports.

The challenge has been rumored since Just Blaze had his own nearly three-hour battle against Swizz Beats in February and marks the first sign it could actually happen.

The idea began when Just Blaze and Swizz Beats decided to see who could make the better beat using only kick, snare and hi-hat. They later live streamed the challenge for fans. When Pharrell and Timbaland might compete or whether they’ll follow those same rules is unclear, but at least they’re talking about it.

The battle could answer a few debates as Neptunes vs. Timbaland parties are quite popular. Pharrell might already have home field advantage as Just Blaze called him “the greatest ever” in a recent Reddit AMA.

Watch Blaze and Swizz below.



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