It’s out on 4/20.

Wiz Khalifa is releasing his first ever video game and, as you may have guessed, it’s based around weed.

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm was made by the rapper in collaboration with developer Metamoki and tasks players with developing and maintaining a successful cannabis farm. You can see him playing it in a recent tweet from Taylor Gang.

Considering Metamoki’s history of average, gimmicky, pay-to-play style mobile games, it doesn’t sound all that exciting. The rapper, however, assures everyone in a statement that it is “better than Pokémon”.

The game isn’t out until April 20 (heh) but you can get a sneak peek by joining its mailing list now. Signing up will automatically put you into a sweepstakes where you could win prizes including concert tickets, a hang-out with Khalifa or a dispensary tour.



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