Legal disputes over who discovered Drake mounts with new lawsuit against Cash Money.

Earlier this year, Cash Money was hit with a lawsuit from Aspire Music Group, who claimed they were owed profits from the label for a deal cut in 2009 regarding “commercial exploitation” of Drake. Aspire allege they discovered and signed Drake in December 2008 and later signed a deal with Cash Money in 2009 to receive one-third of the “commercial exploitation” profits Drake generated.

Aspire have previously been served with their own legal action from Jas Prince, son of Rap-a-Lot founder James Prince. In 2012, Jas Prince filed a suit again Aspire claiming he was owed 22% of the 33% Aspire was set to receive from Cash Money. Prince also sued Aspire co-founder Derrick Lawrence and his company On the Road in a separate lawsuit over Drake profits. According to Pitchfork, both have been settled.

Now, Aspire and Prince have teamed up against Young Money, Cash Money and label co-founders Birdman and Ronald “Slim” Williams for their unpaid share of Drake profits. According to TMZ, Aspire has hired Marc Kasowitz to represent them in the suit. Kasowitz is a lawyer used by President Donald Trump.

TMZ also notes that Jas Prince’s father, a music mogul equally as notorious as Birdman, has “vowed” to get not only the money his son is owed by Cash Money, but also the money Lil Wayne has been in pursuit of for years.

You can read the full details of Aspire Music Group and Jas Prince’s suit against Cash Money, et al. below, from legal documents via Pitchfork.



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