The long-rumored project gets new life.

For years, Michael K. Williams has been rumored to be playing Miles Davis in a biopic, but according to a new interview on Radar Radio, it’s finally happening next year.

Williams confirmed the project is “very much happening” and said it will hopefully go into production in the first quarter of 2018.

“That’s the goal — but you know, Hollywood. Stay tuned,” he jokes after. Williams has alluded to this Miles Davis project since at least 2014 and in a 2011 interview with BET he described Davis as one of his dream roles (James Baldwin is the other).

In that time, Don Cheadle directed and starred in Miles Ahead, a Davis biopic that had its own troubled production history which he infamously said required a white co-star to get financed.

Watch the full interview below, head to 31:50 for his comments on the film.



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