The new single takes an unflinching look at her Midwestern roots.

EMA, aka songwriter Erika M. Anderson, has announced her third album Exile In The Outer Ring will be out this summer through City Slang.

While 2014’s The Future’s Void was released on Matador, she explained recently that her new album was “too political” and “not exactly mainstream”, comparing it to her former band Gowns and their noise-folk classic Red State.

That album’s bleak, drug-addled meditations on life in the Midwest immediately spring to mind on Exile’s first single ‘Aryan Nation’. Anderson says the song is dedicated to “my people in the middle country” which she explains in a thoughtful statement.

“I don’t look down on, or laugh at, serious issues such as poverty or drug problems. I believe your situations are real, your pain is real. I’m not here to ridicule or dismiss you,” she explains. “But as a person who came from heartland America, I also believe that there is another way than directing your anger at those who often have less power than you. Don’t let your discontent or your patriotism be exploited. Don’t look down, look up.”

Exile In The Outer Ring is out August 25. Look at the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘7 Years’
02. ‘Breathalyzer’
03. ‘I Wanna Destroy’
04. ‘Blood and Chalk’
05. ‘Down and Out’
06. ‘Fire Water Air LSD’
07. ‘Aryan Nation’
08. ‘33 Nihilistic and Female’
09. ‘Receive Love’
10. ‘Always Bleeds’
11. ‘Where The Darkness Began’



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