The band, the obscure Talking Heads song, and now, the ant.

Radiohead have had a newly discovered species of ant named after them, Pitchfork points out.

The discovery of three new ant species, including Sericomyrmex radioheadi, in the Venezuelan Amazon was announced through Sericomyrmex radioheadi is known for farming fungus and is described as “less well-known relatives of the famous leaf-cutter ants.”

Smithsonian Institution Ant Lab researchers Ana Ješovnik and Ted R. Schultz said they chose the name because “we wanted to honor their music, but more importantly we wanted to acknowledge the conservation efforts of the band members, especially in raising climate-change awareness.”

Radiohead are not the first musical artists to be named after a bug. Shakira was honored with a wasp, Bob Marley was immortalized in a type of Caribbean water parasite and we’ll let you guess who the Loureedia spider was named after.



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