Watch a teaser for An American Hero now.

French producer Low Jack returns to Modern Love for An American Hero, his first album under his given name of Philippe Hallais and one inspired by ESPN-style sports documentaries and biopics.

If you’re expecting ‘Chariots Of Fire’, however, prepare to be disappointed. An American Hero is more inspired by how entertainment distorts our view of sports stars by “transforming them into impersonators of their own lives through extreme use of editing, slow motion and musical themes.”

Though no music is available yet, Hallais has collaborated with design group CCC and visual artist Ethan Assouline for a series of 11 short videos (such as the one above) that you can watch on the album’s website.

An American Hero is out June 9. Find the artwork and tracklist below. [via Resident Advisor]


01. ‘Theme (Trophies)’
02. ‘Ready (Sacred)’
03. ‘Angela (Square)’
04. ‘Everything (Good)’
05. ‘Skin (Hit)’
06. ‘Fantasy (4U)’
07. ‘Feel (Storm)’
08. ‘Fall (Never Meant)’
09. ‘Garrys (Locker)’
10. ‘Lately (Acoustic)’
11. ‘Hero (Theme)’



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