The first installment of the Switched On SNES series.

You don’t need to read a brilliant list of the 100 best video game soundtracks of all time to know Zelda has some of the most memorable music in the medium’s history. Yet while most Zelda tributes have taken the form of lavish orchestral concerts, Texas musician Will Patterson has delivered something even more unique.

As The AV Club points out, Patterson recently released Switched On: A Link To The Past, the first installment in his series that, in true Wendy Carlos fashion, reimagines the classic 16-bit sounds of the Super Nintendo to analog synthesizers.

Though Patterson doesn’t cover the entire Link To The Past soundtrack, the nine-track release does include iconic moments like the game’s opening theme, ‘Kakariko Village’ and ‘Crystal’. Patterson also notes on his Bandcamp page that Koji Kondo and Nintendo will receive royalties from any sales.

Listen to the full release below and keep an eye out for future volumes including Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country.

Based in Lockhart, Patterson only lives about 30 minutes from S U R V I V E. Somebody should get them in the same room.

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