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Wood, stone, bone and shells collide in this colossal meeting of nature and technology.

Berlin-based producer Fis shifts focus back to his home of New Zealand for Clear Stones, a collaborative album with veteran Māori sound artist Rob Thorne due next month on Subtext.

The album was born from sessions at Berlin’s Red Bull studios where the pair recorded Thorne’s many taonga pūoro (or “singing treasures”), traditional Māori instruments made from wood, stone, bone and shells.

Instruments like the Pūtātara (conch horn), Pūrerehua (bullroarer) and Tumutumu Kōhatu (stone percussion) were mixed into the noise-dub swirl that Fis has honed on releases like 2016’s excellent From Pattern To Details (one of our top 20 albums of the year)

No music has been released yet, but we’re willing to bet this thing will sound very heavy and even heavier once the two head out for some exclusive live dates. You can find those through a distorted audio announcement released by Subtext.

Clear Stones is out May 5. Take a look at the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Tor 201’
02. ‘Front Ear’
03. ‘Wooden Lung’
04. ‘Glurn Herrin’
05. ‘Whakauruuru’
06. ‘Phase Transition’

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