The color scheme certainly screams “Golf Wang”.

Fans of Tyler, the Creator have discovered a website that they believe is counting down to a new album from the Odd Future rapper. First spotted by a Reddit user, the website initially displayed “MAY 2017” but now includes a countdown clock that is ticking down to sometime in the evening on Thursday, May 4.

The site’s registration information reveals that it’s linked to and, the store for Tyler’s official website. An image that has since been replaced showed what looked like a tracklist for “Scum F–k Flowerboy” along with a date, May 5. That’s a Friday, the standard album release day.

The current website has a box where you can input a password – have fun guessing. Reddit fans seem torn between calling it out as a hoax and frantically typing in every curse word they can think of.

As Uproxx points out, all three of Tyler’s official albums have come out in either April or May, the most recent being 2015’s Cherry Bomb.

Tyler was recently tapped to create the theme tune for ‘The Science Guy’ Bill Nye’s new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World, and he turned up on Frank Ocean’s ‘Biking’ – hear that below.



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