“Show me straight As that I can verify with your school and I’ll pay it.”

Nicki Minaj was in the midst of tweeting the rules of a contest she is running to have fans join her at the Billboard Music Awards when one bold Barb asked her to help out with college tuition instead.

Other fans followed suit, inspiring Minaj to offer some select fans help with their (verifiable) college funding needs.

Students with smaller funding needs got instant yeses.

She even helped one fan with a Wacom Pro, a tablet animators and illustrators use to render their images digitally instead of using old school methods like onionskin transfers.

And this wasn’t a one-time-only thing, either. Nicki says she’ll continue to help her fans out in a couple of months, too.

Nicki recently appeared in the video for David Guetta’s ‘Light My Body Up’ also featuring Lil Wayne. Check it out below.



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