Watch the gorgeous video made with a turntable, glitter and a can of petrol.

London composer Janek Schaefer will release his album Glitter In My Tears next month on Lawrence English’s Room40 and today you can hear the title track.

The title track is a deeply blissed-out ambient composition made even more hypnotic by his mesmerizing video accompaniment. Using a simple and effective mirroring tool, Schaefer turns simple textures into kaleidoscopic wonder that fits perfectly with his music.

While the 26 vignettes that make up Glitter In My Tears were carefully constructed over 10 years, this video came together more spontaneously.

“I found myself at the bottom of the garden at midnight with a can of petrol, a turntable of rotating glitters, and my camera, setting fire to the nocturnal sparkles engulfed by flames, and living my dream, by creating chaos,” he tells us.

Watch the video for ‘Glitter In My Tears’ below and order the album June 7 via Room40.



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