“Whisky remixed.”

Whisky and drum machines aren’t the most obvious combination, but that hasn’t stopped a team of entrepreneurs from trying to crowdfund investment for its new Scotch named after the TR-808.

As Electronic Beats reports, the 808 Drinks Company counts BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong among its advisory board and investors, and is trying to raise £300,000 to build its business.

What makes a scotch whisky an 808 whisky? According to the crowdfunding project, it’s a drink with “all the heritage, depth, and soul of a classic Scotch but shaped for the 21st century and, like its drum machine namesake, with the catalyst to spark a revolution.”

As for flavor notes, the company has this to say: “Like the best dance music it has warmth, bottom end and a definite KICK, the sub-bass of drinks. 808 is whisky but not as you know it. It’s whisky remixed!”

808 Whisky is already available in clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric, venues full of the young demographic the company is aiming to capture. “I wanted to make a whisky from the ground upwards, for my world – the funky, sexy world of nightclubs and music,” writes company co-founder and DJ Tommy Danvers who “has a huge love for electronic music.” 808 was “born out of Tommy’s desire to create something that can be enjoyed alongside it” according to a statement.

The drink may be perfectly palatable, but the marketing is not. The company’s promo reel positions 808 Whisky as a drink for clubbers to down like shots of tequila or vodka rather than savor like a 16-year-old Islay single malt. It’s even being pitched as something to mix with energy drinks, with a can of Monster Energy being liberally chugged over the blended Scotch. Whisky connoisseurs, look away now.

“Being a DJ for 30 years, it’s mad that no whisky has stepped up, the way vodka has done so successfully,” Tong writes. “You’re getting a younger audience that would never see themselves as whisky drinkers, drinking 808, and with universal praise and appeal, I think there’s huge potential.”

If you want to invest in 808 Whisky, the company is looking for money on Seedrs, where it’s already raised £144,000.

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