Hear the hypnotic ‘Fifth Fortress’ now.

Claude Speeed returns to Planet Mu with his second album Infinity Ultra due this summer.

The follow-up to his Sun Czar Temple EP and the first full-length since 2014’s My Skeleton on LuckyMe, Speeed describes the album as “conceiving an interior territory: an abstract space to process the oppression, confusion and insanity of the contemporary age; and to formulate an honest emotional and artistic response – a psychic jumping off point into an uncertain future.”

What that translates to musically is a collision of abstracted trance, faded rave, noise, math rock and drone with inspirations ranging from sleep paralysis to children’s anime.

You can get an idea from the first single ‘Fifth Fortress’ which brings to mind Lorenzo Senni and Planet Mu labelmate Konx-Om-Pax’s Caramel, while maintain a tension all its own.

Look for Infinity Ultra on July 14 via Planet Mu and find the tracklist and artwork below.

01. ‘BCCCC’
02. ‘Serra’
03. ‘Windows 95’
04. ‘Ambien Rave’
05. ‘Alternate Histories’ [feat. Kuedo]
06. ‘Moonchord Supermagic’
07. ‘800 Super NYC ‘
08. ‘XY Autostream’
09. ‘Fifth Fortress’
10. ‘VZJD’
11. ‘Entering The Zone’
12. ‘Center Tech’
13. ‘Spirits’
14. ‘Contact’
15. ‘Dreamdream’

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