Possibly You’re Dead outtakes.

Flying Lotus has shared a pair of tracks on Soundcloud titled ‘North Star3’ and ‘You And Your Friends Are Dead’ which feature Thundercat and Home Movies and Metalacolypse-creator Brendon Small.

The songs continue a recent spike in activity for FlyLo following his Twin Peaks theme cover and the Queen-sampling ‘Night Grows Pale’.

The tracks, which also include Brainfeeder musician Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, are listed as “You’re Dead! THUNDERDETH LOTUS” suggesting they may have come from the sessions of his last album. Thundercat played throughout You’re Dead! and Small was featured on the tracks ‘Turkey Dog Coma’ and ‘Siren Song’.

Earlier this year, Thundercat released his excellent new album Drunk, which was executive produced by Flying Lotus.

The track ‘You And Your Friends Are Dead’ is also hashtagged with Dethklok, the fictional band from Small’s Adult Swim series Metalacolypse. Small is currently working on a metal album under his own name with the other musicians from the show, but will not use the band name due to license restrictions with Adult Swim.

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