Over 45 people had claimed a stake in the deceased star’s fortune.

Prince’s six siblings have been declared the heirs to his estate, worth around $200 million.

A Minnesota judge ruled that Prince had no will at the time of his death, naming his sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings — Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson — as his heirs. More than 45 people had filed claims to be considered one of Prince’s family members in the wake of his death last April, reports AP.

Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide said if appellate courts send any rejected claimants back to him, he will consider them. Prince’s assets won’t be distributed without a formal court order, he added.

Prince’s estate recently blocked the release of an EP containing unreleased material, and is currently planning a reality TV show that would premiere those unheard tracks, focusing on how the family’s lives have changed since Prince’s death.

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