“Today is a good day.”

JME and Stormzy were among the artists showing their pleasure at the shock result of yesterday’s UK general election, in which Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party made huge gains and the Conservatives lost 12 seats.

Theresa May’s Conservative party has won 317 seats so far, but will fail to reach the 326 needed to form an overall majority. Labour, meanwhile, have won 261 so far – an increase of 29.

The resulting hung parliament led to shock, amusement and hope on Twitter from musicians across the UK and beyond.

BBK’s JME, who was one of the figureheads for the grime scene’s support of Corbyn, thanked the young people who voted in the election – a crucial demographic for Labour.


NTS Radio resident Throwing Shade also reiterated the importance of the youth vote.


As did Jackmaster and Lily Allen.

London rapper Avelino, whose home constituency of Tottenham was won decisively by Labour’s David Lammy, said that today was a “good day”.

There was a similar sentiment from dubstep and grime veteran Plastician, whose home constituency of Croydon Central was taken by Labour from the Conservatives after a big push from London’s music scene to engage young voters.

Even Portishead’s Geoff Barrow made his peace with the kids on a momentous day for Labour.

Riz Ahmed questioned what could have been had Labour been fully behind Corbyn from the start, without the bitter party infighting that has dogged his time as leader.

While the SNP lost 21 seats in Scotland, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite was relieved that the prediction of a Tory landslide didn’t come to pass.

Though that didn’t stop the Tories from taking a few seats from the SNP.


However, Glasgow DJ Nightwave was able to celebrate the re-election of the SNP’s Mhairi Black – currently parliament’s youngest serving MP at just 22 years old.


Stormzy, meanwhile, just said what a lot of Labour voters were thinking.

Theresa May will now be waking up with the worst election day hangover in UK history, as her job hangs in the balance.

Jezza, it’s your time to shine.



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