From their upcoming album The Underside of Power.

New York and London (via Atlanta) band Algiers are set to release their second album The Underside of Power next week and have dropped a new single ‘Cleveland’ in anticipation.

The song employs their signature erratic soul sound and features samples of gospel song ‘Peace Be Still’ by Reverend James Cleveland. But the real reason for the song’s name is Tamir Rice, a 12-year old African-American boy who was shot and killed by the Cleveland PD in 2014.

“I think the whole point of Algiers is to illustrate the myriad things wrong with the way our various systems are set up,” drummer Matt Tong told FACT back in May. “We’ve had this wave of public outcry that’s flared up against them, but it’s just a part of a number of similar processes that have happened over the last couple of centuries where fear of the other is exploited for political gain. This isn’t new to us, but I think the important thing to underline right now.”

Listen to ‘Cleveland’ below. The Underside of Power is out June 23 via Matador Records.

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