The film is in theaters today.

Jada Pinkett Smith has taken to Twitter with some notes on the depiction of her friendship with Tupac in the brand new biopic All Eyez On Me.

The two were high school classmates and were very close. Although a love poem he wrote for her was published in his book The Rose That Grew From Concrete, the two were just friends. Pinkett Smith even revealed in a 2015 interview with Howard Stern that when the two attempted to push their friendship further, it didn’t work out:

“There was a time when I was like, ‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes’,” she told Stern. “And when I tell you it had to be the most disgusting kiss for us both. The only way I can put it is, the higher power just did not want that.”

In the film, Pac reads Jada the poem even though she says she didn’t know about until the book was published.

“My relationship with Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez On Me to stand as truth,” she wrote. “Pac never read me that poem. I didn’t know that poem existed until it was printed in his book. Pac never said goodbye to me before leaving for LA. He had to leave abruptly and it wasn’t to pursue his career.

“I’ve never been to any of Pac’s shows by his request. We never had an argument backstage. The re-imagining of my relationship to Pac has been deeply hurtful.”

Pinkett Smith did praise the actors, Kat Graham and Demetrius Shipp Jr. for their work in the film, adding, “You both did a beautiful job with what you were given.”

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