Mike Dean has also responded to claims made by the track’s producer Menace.

Menace, the producer behind Desiigner’s mega-hit ‘Panda’, recently claimed in an interview that both Future and Mike Dean took legal action against the track for copyright infringement and production credits respectively.

Now both parties have said that’s not true, though Dean admits he briefly investigated a claim before dismissing it as “BS.”

In an interview with DJ Booth, Menace said that Dean “put a claim in… saying that he did something to the beat and he never did” and explained he’s yet to receive full royalties for the track because of Dean and Future’s claims

Menace’s comments follow months of fans accusing Desiigner of copying Future’s sound. However, Future’s representatives have confirmed to Pitchfork that Menace’s claims are “not true.”

Mike Dean clarified in a statement to XXL that he was involved in cleaning up the track after Menace supposedly lost stems to the beat, which also had a sample clearance issue. He admits that while he did make a claim, he later dropped it “because I have better shit to do than fight with people over BS.”

“The kid lost the stems to the beat. It had some samples in the original from a film. I recreated some of the stems enough to patch up the beat and remove the samples,” he explained. “Major labels don’t play with samples not being cleared, the song would never have come out or cleared legal at Def Jam. If that’s nothing, then he’s right.”

Dean also advised Menace to have “better file management skills” and to “get facts straight before he speaks on my name.” In spite of the fiery statement, Dean buried the hatchet in a tweet saying he wasn’t angry with Menace.

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