Goldie seemingly spilled the beans in a new interview.

There have been whispers that Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja may be the anonymous graffiti artist known as Banksy and Goldie may have confirmed it in a new interview.

Appearing on Scroobius Pip’s weekly Distraction Pieces podcast, Goldie said of the commodification of graf: “Give me a bubble letter and put it on a T-shirt and write Banksy on it and we’re sorted. We can sell it now… No disrespect to Robert, I think he is a brilliant artist. I think he has flipped the world of art over.”

Back in September, the Daily Mail reported that Del Naja was the head of a group of artists who did the work of Banksy and now, it seems, this may have some kind of truth to it. Goldie quickly changed the subject after letting the name “Robert” drop and there was no follow-up. Seems about time for the real Banksy to stand up.

[via Metro]



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