He just can’t access them.

During a recent appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on LA radio station Real 92.3, Kendrick Lamar revealed he has “thousands” of unreleased songs and that some of them are on a broken hard drive he refuses to discard.

“I done lost hard drives. Hard drives from ’05, ’06 that we never got back,” he says. “We took it all the way to San Francisco to get it fixed. Never got fixed. We’re praying to god it’ll come back to life one day.” Someone get LeBron James to help!

Kendrick also confirmed that the minute of rewinding tape at the end of DAMN. is, essentially, the erasing of the album, as if TDE label boss Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith did end up killing Kendrick’s father. (Kendrick also says that he had no idea that his father and Top knew each other before he was signed to TDE until the three were in a room together much later.)

Check out the interview below, where Kendrick reveals the original title for DAMN. (What Happens on Earth, Stays on Earth) and much, much more.



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