The first instalment teaches kids to play ‘Happy’.

Pharrell has co-founded a company called Tuniversity aimed at “reinvigorating music education” for children using iPads.

Launched with an ebook on the creation of ‘Happy’ that uses audio, video and interactive elements to break down that 2013 smash, Pharrell says Tuniversity will help kids “reverse-engineer” songs in GarageBand to help aid their own compositions.

“When you know a song you’re kinda halfway there, so literally we can take it apart piece by piece, give you the patterns that you know, the chords, the bass line, the drums — because you already know the song,” says Pharrell in a promotional video. Watch that below.

As well as music educational tools, Tuniversity will also soon be expanding into educational tools that teach maths, English and science using pop music, according to a press release. Learn Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ can be downloaded here.

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