Gamble explores memory on his next full-length.

Lee Gamble has signed to Hyperdub for the release of his next album, Mnestic Pressure.

The 13-track album follows several albums for PAN, and is described by the label as a “reset” for the UK producer, with a significant change in both the sound of his music and concepts that feed into it.

From Diversions 1994-1996 through to Koch – my music felt like I was dealing with signals from elsewhere – signals from the unconscious, sub-aqua, hallucinated, dreamt,” Gamble says in a press release. “Mnestic Pressure feels like their decoded offspring, a terra interpretation.”

The title comes from Gamble’s thinking on the individual and collective pressures that act on contemporary memory.

“We live in these strobing, visual times,” he continues, “like a constant subliminal advertisement but, also over the last few years the world seems to have become more and more dreamlike, alien, and parodic itself and there was this part of me that wanted to drag my music back from this Shangri-La, but fully drenched and infected by its ghosts.”

Mnestic Pressure is released on September 15. It will be accompanied by a live show described as a “deconstructed version of the album” made in part with custom-built generative software.

Listen to album track ‘Istian’ below and pre-order the record here. Gamble also DJs at Hyperdub’s Ø event at London’s Corsica Studios on September 20.



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