The mix is “an ode to the many facets of club culture”.

Harry Aguis aka Midland has mixed the next entry in the Fabriclive series.

Fabriclive 94 features tracks from Daphni, LFO, Kowton, Beatrice Dillon and Shinichi Atobe, and is described in a press release as Aguis’ “ode to the many facets of club culture”.

The mix is said to tell the story of an unplanned night out, with the start meant to sound as if “you’ve walked into a club during someone’s set” and the end representing the end of the night, “sitting in the sun waiting for the tube”.

Aguis, who debuted on Aus in 2010 with the Ramadanman collaboration ‘Your Words Matter’, has become one of the UK’s most in-demand DJs over the past few years, with tracks like last year’s ‘Final Credits’ reaching anthem status.

Fabriclive 94 is released on September 22, with a launch party at Fabric on the same night featuring Midland, Tamo Sumo and DEBONAIR. Check the art and tracklist below.


01. Georgia – Pey Woman [FTD]
02. Even Tuell – Mental Marathon [Musik Krause]
03. Jaures – Silence (Before Birth) [Die Orakel]
04. Juju & Jordash – Monday Mellow [Dekmantel]
05. Daphni – Vulture [Jiaolong]
06. Tres Demented – Demented Drums [Planet E]
07. Leif – Shoulders Back [TIO-Series]
08. Roman Flügel – Warm And Dewy [Dial]
09. Farah – Lockhead [Don’t Be Afraid]
10. Beatrice Dillon – Halfway [Where To Now?]
11. Samo DJ & Pedrodollar – Track #3 [Born Free]
12. Mannequin Lung – City Lights (Mr Hazeltine Remix feat. Divine Styler) [Plug Research]
13. Sugai Ken – Mukashi [Lullabies For Insomniacs]
14. LFO – Ultra Schall [Warp]
15. Kowton – Pea Soup [Livity Sound]
16. General Ludd – Run Don’t Play Dead [Rubadub]
17. Ben Buitendijk – XXX [Planet Rhythm]
18. Santos Rodriguez – Road to Rio, B1 [Cosmic]
19. Slobban – Amour! (Sankt Goran’s Stum Edit) [Lemon]
20. Convextion – Distant Transmission [A.R.T.less]
21. Shinichi Atobe – Free Access Zone 2 [DDS]
22. Vito Ricci – Deep Felt Music [Music From Memory]
23. Jesper Dahlbäck | Mark O’Sullivan – When I Was Young [Direkt | Lekebusch Musik]
24. Midland – First Tube [Graded]

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