“This is our final performance here in LA as Tribe.”

When A Tribe Called Quest returned, they told us in advance it wasn’t going to be forever and according to recent quotes from Q-Tip it seems the iconic group is almost ready to call it quits.

“This is our final performance here in LA as Tribe, obviously because Phife Dawg, our anchor, has been called to another mission,” he said during their set at FYF Fest on July 22. He echoed a similar sentiment this weekend during Panorama in New York as fans have pointed out.

This breakup was built into the design of Tribe’s return last year following the death of Phife Dawg. Last year, Q-Tip told Billboard that the group would tour for the final album, but “after that, that’s it, for the rest of our lives.”

On the bright side, he told fans to “stay tuned for any other incarnation”.



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