Taken from a new Dirty Projectors remix EP.

Dirty Projectors‘ D∆WN collaboration ‘Cool Your Heart’ just got a lot cooler. The track, taken from their recent self-titled album, has been remixed by Equiknoxx’s Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair as part of a new remix EP, also featuring Childish Gambino collaborator Ludwig Göransson, Tarquin and FACT favorite Dre Skull. Listen to the Equiknoxx effort below.

“It was while I was in Brussels that I thought about the direction and execution of the remix,” explains Gavsborg. “After returning to Jamaica, I ‘cleaned the slate’ then spent a few days in the studio with Frankie Bubbler & Brent Bird, where we shared ideas while I added and subtracted different elements to the piece until it felt right.

“I remember being quite happy when I joined an 808 drum and reggae bassline in “matrimony” which added the desired weight to the track.”

Dirty Projectors’ self-titled new album is out now.

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