Watch Banoffee’s neon-bathed video for eerie electro-pop anthem ‘Ripe’

The rising Australian’s quiet evening in front of the TV with friends turns sinister.

LA-based, Melbourne-born songwriter Banoffee has dropped a video for recent PC Music-ish single ‘Ripe’.

Directed by longtime collaborators Coco&Maxamilian, the video finds a Furbee-cuddling Banoffee – real name Martha Brown – spending a night in with some friends, only for the night to turn decidedly spookier as their TV flashes with images of a twitching alien-like version of the singer.

The video’s aim is to “blur the line between wonder and eeriness,” says the Australian. “What happens when technology is just as real as flesh? Or your best friend is a Furbie? Just like the theory of dreams and the oneness of each character being the individual, ‘Ripe’ is our exploration of multi-personalities, multi-selves, and how that can break us down to our very essence.” Check it out above.

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