The singer returns to Sacred Bones with her harrowing and thrilling fifth album.

Zola Jesus, aka singer Nika Danilova, releases her new album Okovi tomorrow and you can stream it in full now.

Danilova has previously discussed writing and recording Okovi (the Slavic word for “shackles”) in the midst of a difficult personal time as she “endured people very close to me trying to die, and others trying desperately not to.”

The result however finds Danilova pushing her voice and lyricism to a new level of intensity such as on ‘Siphon’, a life-affirming track inspired by a friend’s suicide attempt. Elsewhere Danilova explores new sonic textures with thrilling electronic productions on lead single ‘Exhumed’ and dramatic orchestral arrangements on tracks like ‘Witness’ and the closer ‘Half Life’.

Listen to Okovi below and look for it September 9 via Sacred Bones.



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