Hear the noisy and jubliant new single ‘learn boxing miami’.

New York producer Sharp Veins will release the new EP, bleeds colors and puddles, next month on UNO NYC.

Best known for a fractured mix of grime, electronica and ambient brimming with dissonant noise and bright melodies, the new EP is the producer’s first release following a two-year hiatus.

Today you can hear the first single ‘learn boxing miami’, which introduces vocals into Sharp Veins’s world to an absolutely jubilant result.

“I ate a lot of my own skin making this record,” the producer says in a new statement. “Sometimes it’s bright and opalescent and limned with sparkle and other times it’s leaden and almost opaque. Most of the time it’s both.”

Look for bleeds colors and puddles October 20 via UNO NYC.


01. ‘burnished purple’
02. ‘grayer shadows’
03. ‘learn boxing miami’
04. ‘bye’
05. ‘wave_cut’
06. ’empty’



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