Buy Corals Online is an “aquatic” audio environment. 

Editions Mego has announced details of its next album, a collaborative LP from Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin.

Rahbek and Valentin (who also forms one half of KYO with Lust For Youth’s Hannes Norrvide) are mainstays of Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation label. Their new album is described by the label as an “ambitious aquatic infused audio environment”.

Buy Corals Online was recorded at Valentin’s studio and was partly inspired by a nearby aquarium in Copenhagen. According to the label, the album “channels the sensual floating aspects of such environments”. The press release also references the Japanese phrase “ukiyo”, or “the floating world”, which “evoked an imagined universe of wit, stylishness, and extravagance” during the country’s Edo period from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Buy Corals Online is released on December 1. You can hear album track ‘Somersault’ below.


01. ‘Somersault’
02. ‘You Come With’
03. ‘World in Camouflage’
04. ‘A Million Coloured Fish’
05. ‘Who is Love Now?’
06. ‘Garden Tattoo’
07. ‘A Woman Without’
08. ‘Buy Corals Online’



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