Google gets in the home audio system game.

Google has announced Home Max, a supersized speaker system intended to compete with Sonos and Apple’s HomePod. The speaker, which will feature two 4.5-inch woofers, reports The Verge, will not just function as a stereo, it will also run Google Assistant. (It includes far-field microphones that will hear commands over loud music.)

According to The Verge, the speaker has Smart Sound, a machine learning feature that will adapt volume based on type of media it is amplifying (songs, podcasts, phone calls) and the ambient sound level in the room where it is playing. It can also be controlled manually by on-speaker touch controls, Bluetooh and Google Cast. It will come with 12-month, ad-free subscription to YouTube Music and costs $399.

Google also announced Home Mini, an Amazon Echo Dot competitor that will cost $49.

Earlier today, Sonos unveiled Sonos One, a wi-fi smart speaker similar to their Play:1 model that will work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

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