Justin K. Broadrick goes full techno on his new record.

Birmingham noise legend Justin K. Broadrick will return to Regis’s Downwards label with a four-track EP under his JK Flesh alias on November 27.

Exit Stance is described by a press release as being more dancefloor-focused than last year’s Nothing Is Free 12″ for the label, whose title track combined noise and dub influences.

Streaming below, the title track is a bracing drum machine assault anchored by a taut synth line that recalls early Regis, particularly his classic album Gymnastics, which was reissued earlier this year.

Godflesh founder Broadrick has been using the JK Flesh alias throughout his career, but the past few years have seen a flurry of essential releases, with records on Hospital Productions, Hydra Head and Electric Deluxe.


01. ‘Exit Stance’
02. ‘Motivated By Jealousy’
03. ‘Bullied By Love’
04. ‘Caveman’



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