And you can too.

Sónar Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary by attempting to contact alien life with music from Autechre, Laurel Halo, Nina Kraviz, Holly Herndon and more.

The ambitious project titled “Sónar Calling GJ273b” is described as the first radio message ever sent to Luyten’s Star with the help of the EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter Scientific Association) antenna in Norway. The goal is to reach a nearby habitable planet and a return message has the potential to return in 25 years — just in time for the festival’s 50th anniversary.

The artists were chosen to represent the festival’s long history of electronic music, with each composition offering something unique. Alva Noto sent a recording of his unborn daughter’s heartbeat, Autechre composed a piece of music based on the first 449 prime numbers, while Jean Michel Jarre sent a piece referencing the film Close Encounters of The Third Kind (which this all surprisingly similar to!)

The festival is also asking producers to submit their own music to send into space. Learn more on their website and watch a short documentary about the project below.



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