Iconic Birmingham club The Rainbow Venues loses license due to drug death

DJs and producers ask for help to #SaveTheRainbow.

Birmingham staple The Rainbow Venues has permanently lost its license to operate following a recent drug death in the club, Resident Advisor reports.

The venue’s license was revoked by the Birmingham City Council yesterday who cited the death of 19-year-old clubgoer Michael Trueman during a Halloween event as the reason. It was the second drug-related death at The Rainbow Venues in two years.

“There are around 3,000 licensed premises in Birmingham and this is the only venue which has suffered drug related deaths. The most stringent measures are in place yet drugs are still being consumed inside the venue,” said PC Abdool Rohomon in a statement representing West Midlands Police. He also cited evidence that a 15-year-old boy was admitted to the venue, which the club denies ever happened.

“There needs to be a universal, collaborative approach to the UK’s drug problem. Lets educate and not be so quick to revoke licenses that practice the correct policies,” The Rainbow Venues operators wrote in a statement posted on Facebook. “As operators we refuse to work with this prehistoric attitude. This is a modern day problem. We need to wake up and work together collectively to make a difference or cost more lives.”

The closure has already been compared to Fabric, who had their license revoked last year and successfully appealed the decision. The Rainbow Venues’ operators have been given 21 days to appeal.

DJs have already begun a campaign of support for the The Rainbow Venues with some arguing that the decision will do nothing to curb drug use in clubs. Read some statements from artists below.