The influential Northern duo return to the airwaves.

There aren’t many electronic acts with the reach and overwhelming influence as Autechre. Rob Brown and Sean Booth announced today that they would be appearing on London’s NTS, an onlin radio station based in Dalston.

Booth and Brown will be handling a short residency in April, with shows on April 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 4pm UK / 11am ET that can be streamed via the NTS site.

Anyone familiar with Autechre will no doubt know that it’s customary for the duo to make radio broadcasts around their releases. In 1997, they sent a special hour-long mix to radio stations across the world to promote the release of Chiastic Slide and more recently appeared on Alaskan radio to promote their last album elseq 1–5 in 2016.

They also appeared on NTS back in 2016, playing tracks from Todd Dockstader, Delia Derbyshire, Throbbing Gristle and others.

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