The duo take harp and violin to very psychedelic places.

LEYA, the experimental duo of violinist Adam Markiewicz and harpist Marilu Donovan, have announced their debut album The Fool on NNA Tapes.

Both members of LEYA are prolific musicians in the New York experimental scene with Markiewicz playing in The Dreebs and PC Worship, while Donovan works with GABI and Eartheater.

Today you can hear the first single, ‘Sister’, paired with a beautifully choreographed (and NSFW) music video from director Kathleen Dycaico. Several of LEYA’s previous collaborators — Eartheater, PC Worship and Sunk Heaven — also appear on the album.

Look for The Fool on May 11 via NNA Tapes. Take a look at the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Delilah’
02. ‘Sister’
03. ‘Swan Lake’
04. ‘Swoon’
05. ‘Seek’ (feat. Sunk Heaven)
06. ‘S2D’ (feat. PC Worship)
07. ‘666’ (feat. Eartheater)
08. ‘Cats’



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