Celebrating half a decade of psychedelic goodness.

Chicago experimental label Hausu Mountain is celebrating its five year anniversary this month with HausMo Mixtape I, a compilation highlighting many of its best releases.

The 80-minute, 22-track mixtape acts almost like a “best of” compilation featuring Hausu Mountain artists such as Eartheater, TALsounds, Mukqs, Fire-Toolz, Mr. DougDoug, Tiger Village, Lockbox, FIN and more. Today you can hear a few of the tracks before the compilation is released in full on 4/20 this month.

If a brand-new Hausu Mountain release is what you’re looking for, the label has also announced Knock Magh, the next album from Brooklyn drone duo Long Distance Poison. The album is out May 25 and you can hear the heady, hypnotic eight-minute ‘Crop Circle K’ now.

HausMo Mixtape I on April 20. Find the artwork and full tracklist below.


01. D/A/D – ‘Orion Beach’
02. FIN – ‘Pike’
03. Quicksails – ‘The Compound Blues’
04. World War – ‘Dingo’
05. TALsounds – ‘I Am Why’
06. Lockbox – ‘Pridenjoy’
07. Rick Weaver – ‘Far East’
08. Black Hat – ‘Digital Playpen’
09. BANG! BROS. – ‘Smoked Artemix’
10. Do Pas O – ‘Six In The Dark’
11. Fire-Toolz – ‘All Deth Is U [CODENAME_FINAL TOUCH LOCATION]’
12. Khaki Blazer – ‘Vibrato Rap’
13. Potions – ‘Herb Break’
14. Kill Alters – ‘Ego Swim’
15. Form A Log – ‘Riff Country’
16. Eartheater – ‘Mask Therapy’
17. MrDougDoug – ‘Arena Snake Ref 196’
18. Moth Cock – ‘The Flesh Shall Never Enter’
19. Brett Naucke -‘ Hallucinations I-V’
20. Tiger Village – ‘Tarantism’
21. Andrew Bernstein – ‘Thought Forms III’
22. Mukqs – ‘Fisherman’s Edit

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