Perfect for bedtime or your nearest chillout room.

The BBC’s long-running CBeebies children’s network has released a new special called Daydreams designed to help kids fall asleep featuring an original ambient soundtrack by Squarepusher.

The hour-long video moves through supremely chilled-out sections including “Rain”, “Aquarium”, “Autumn Leaves” and “Rainbows” and features voice-over from Olivia Colman.

It’s likely a soothing video for CBeebies’s recommended age group of 6 & under — but if you’re old enough to, say being reading this article or know who Squarepusher is, you can gleam quite a bit of unintented humor (or creepiness) in the spirit of Chris Morris or Look Around You.

Wake yourself up with Squarepusher’s more lively FACT mix below.

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