Philly electronic music veteran King Britt will be issuing monthly collaborative transmissions on the rebooted label.

Back in January 2014, Philadelphia’s King Britt launched a very special project called The Buddy System. The label released a collaborative EP each month and after every three, the names of the collaborators were announced.

Sadly, the series came to a conclusion after five editions (all available via The Buddy System’s Bandcamp page) and a handful of live performances, but King Britt is relaunching The Buddy System this summer.

On June 29, the sixth and seventh EPs in the series will be released and this time around the artists have been revealed beforehand. TBS006 is a fathoms-deep four tracker from King Britt under his Firefly alias, best known for 1994’s Ursula Rucker collaboration ‘Supernatural’.

King Britt also revives an old moniker on TBS007, this time rebooting Dynamic for two tracks of hazy experimental dub techno, bringing to mind Chain Reaction, Rhythm & Sound and the jazz futurism of UR and Carl Craig.

TBS006 and TBS007 will be released on June 29 via The Buddy System.

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