The four-track EP is the duo’s first record together.

Jeff Mills and Tony Allen are to release their first collaborative EP. Titled Tomorrow Comes The Harvest, the four-track EP arrives on September 28 via Blue Note.

The ongoing collaboration between techno pioneer Mills and Afrobeat drummer Allen dates back to December 2016, when they played at a jazz club in Paris. As Mills revealed in an interview with FACT in 2017, the project began when Allen asked Mills to play on an album with him.

“Everything [Allen] does is part of a conversation,” Mills said. “Once I knew that, then I knew how I could meet him halfway.”

The EP – which is available on 10″ and digital formats – will also be released as a 10-track Japanese version with edited versions of each track and an exclusive track called ‘The Night Watcher’, RA reports.

Listen to EP track ‘The Seed’ at Spotify and watch a trailer for the record below.

European version tracklist:

01. ‘Locked And Loaded
02. ‘Altitudes
03. ‘On The Run’
04. ‘The Seed’

Japanese version tracklist:

01. ‘Locked And Loaded’ (Edit)
02. ‘The Night Watcher’ feat. Carl Honcock Rux (Edit)
03. ‘On The Run’ (Edit)
04. ‘The Seed’ (Edit)
05. ‘The Night Watcher’ (Instrumental / Edit)
06. ‘Locked And Loaded’
07. ‘The Night Watcher’ feat. Carl Hancock Rux
08. ‘On The Run’
09. ‘The Seed’
10. ‘The Night Watcher’ (Instrumental)

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