The first compilation features tracks from Benjamin Brunn,, Pierce Warnecke and others.

Last winter, Raster co-founder Frank Bretschneider put together a compilation of unheard new music, concentrating on under-the-radar experimental sounds. It’s the first installment in a planned series of curated compilations from the long-running label, which recently split into two separate units: Raster and Noton.

Entitled SICHTEN 1, the compilation features tracks from Move D collaborator Benjamin Brunn, Room40’s Pierce Warnecke, veteran Italian duo, Kyoto’s Mimicof and AGF-collaborator Zavoloka and you can hear Brunn’s ‘Joy’ now.

SICHTEN 1 will be released on September 21 on 2LP and digital, via Raster.


01. Zavoloka – ‘Transmutatsia’
02. Mimicof – ‘Love Control’ (feat. hprizm)
03. Benjamin Brunn – ‘Joy’
04. – ‘Horses’
05. Mads E. Nielsen – ‘Unfold’
06. Mads E. Nielsen – ‘Unt. Percussion Loop’
07. Mimicof – ‘Spark’
08. Pierce Warnecke – ‘Bogusstratagem’
09. Mads E. Nielsen – ‘Circles’
10. Zavoloka – ‘Inflame’
11. – ‘Rodeo’
12. – ‘Gauchos’
13. Benjamin Brunn – ‘Alloy’
14. Pierce Warnecke – ‘Shiftform’
15. Pierce Warnecke – ‘Hddxenoglossy’
16. Mads E. Nielsen – ‘Framework 12’
17. Mimicof – ‘Cycle’
18. Benjamin Brunn – ‘Coy’

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